"Series 5"

"Inviting Photo-Diaries"

Mr. Yau-Sun Tong

The below photo-diaries will bring you to some most fascinating places...
Enjoy the unique cultures & nature as well as the delicious cuisine
along your journey of viewing these photo-diaries!

2017 Nov Train through the Wonderlands                                                                    
2015 August Special China Expedition 2017 by Train to "Top of the World"
April 2014 Expedition Summary March 2015 Tea, Longevity, Hakka culture
2012 Chinese New Year Season April 2013 Eastern Tibet
Taklimakan Desert - Southern XinJiang 2010 Ancient Tea-Horse-Trail
2010 Chinese New Year Season A Sojourn to Northern XinJiang
2009 Chinese New Year Season From YunNan to the Golden-Triangle
Angkor Wat, Cambodia Sojourn in Western Sichuan
Special Western China Tour 2007 A home-run diary from Guangdong province

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