"Series 5"

"Inviting Photo-Diaries"

Mr. Yau-Sun Tong

The below photo-diaries will bring you to some most fascinating places...
Enjoy the unique cultures & nature as well as the delicious cuisine
along your journey of viewing these photo-diaries!

2015 August Special China Expedition                                                                                    
April 2014 Expedition Summary March 2015 Tea, Longevity, Hakka culture
2012 Chinese New Year Season April 2013 Eastern Tibet
Taklimakan Desert - Southern XinJiang 2010 Ancient Tea-Horse-Trail
2010 Chinese New Year Season A Sojourn to Northern XinJiang
2009 Chinese New Year Season From YunNan to the Golden-Triangle
Angkor Wat, Cambodia Sojourn in Western Sichuan
Special Western China Tour 2007 An home-run diary from Guangdong province

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