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Mr. Yau-Sun Tong

Yau-Sun Tong in desert

Yau-Sun Tong in desert during one of his expeditions

About the photographer:

Yau-Sun Tong, a native of south China, has resided in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada since 1982.  He has been interested in the art of photography since his childhood. He has only been engaged in photography for a brief time, purchasing his first camera while on his first visit to New York City, shortly after arriving in Canada. His serious investigation of the medium did not begin until about 1996.  Yau-Sun has traveled extensively throughout the world with camera in tow, but the remote areas of southwest and northwest China have a special appeal for him.  Looking through the lens revitalized Yau-Sun's view of the land of his birth, thus he undertook to rediscover China through photography.  Particularly drawn by the mystical untouched nature of Tibet Autonomous Region and other remote areas of China, he became interested in communicating his impressions to a Western audience. Selected from trips to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau region between 1998 to 2000, "Images of the Mystical Land" introduces a vast surprisingly diverse landscape. It also offers more intimate portraits of Tibetan people, whether engaged in religious practice, caught in work or leisure time, or partaking in colorful festivals.  For Yau-Sun, feeling the spirit of the place is foremost; taking the photograph is secondary.  As a result, these compelling images unveil the unique character of Tibet itself - overpowering, majestic, boundless - culled from remote, seldom traveled areas. The portraiture in the series is freshly candid, reflecting a depth of rapport with his subjects that produces an intriguing cross-section of Tibetan culture and religious life.  Displaying the region as much more than a desolate land of snow-capped mountains, "Images of the Mystical Land" is at once informative and mysterious, revealing, in Yau-Sun's words: "moments of truth in nature and culture."  Yau-Sun Tong presents a unique vision of Tibet, giving viewers a glimpse of a wondrous landscape and its resilient inhabitants.

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