GuiYang City

GuiYang City

GuiYang is the capital city of GuiZhou province in China. Landlocked, located in southwest China, GuiZhou is a very hilly, rugged plateau. GuiZhou province is known for its unique scenery and many ethnic minority cultures, and their folk customs. GuiYang city has already a history of 1,300 years, nice mild weather; it is comfortable in the summer, many historic relics in the city. Despite the somewhat modern look of the city from my image captured on the hilltop of the city, when one steps out of GuiYang, there are many spots and very remote areas for a real traveler to explore, but you?d better be knowing where you are going and doing.
One does not see images of mine here showing big cities, touristy spots and industries etc., not that they are not there, but I rather leave those to the normal tourists for their snap shots, though it is not to suggest that I am abnormal in anyway. I like to take the roads less traveled by, to the remote regions for the unusual images.

Photographer:  Yau-Sun Tong
Camera: Leica R8 + 19mm f/2.8 Elmarit-R

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