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Taking advantage of the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed-train that will inaugurate later this year, combine with the comfortable not hot, not cold season in regions along our travel route from Shanghai to KunMing, with two major local festivals... You are warmly invited to our unique:

"Train through the WonderLands" - A Cultural/Photographic Expedition to the Southwest...

Besides Shanghai as our entry/depart city, the three designated major stops that we will have detailed local explorations are full of fantastic nature & culture wonders... and with two attractive traditional festivals:

1.    in Jiangxi(江西)province, our visits include the beautiful Mt. Sanqing - A UNESCO site of Nature (sanqingshan); and the beautiful countryside Wuyuan area: 婺源; the world famous "Town of JingDe": 景德鎮 - as capital of "Poceelain/Pottery" since the ancient time...; the Poyang Lake area; the historical city of NanChang: 滕王閣 ... etc

2.    in Guizhou(貴州)province - a fantastic cultural experience not to be missed in this "Region of Return to the Originality"! Our explorations include the culturally well preserved & enchanted JinPing/LiPing area in the very Southeast regions with a major local festival (on Day 08) : Yu-dong-jie (a Dong minority nationality people’s traditional festival): 侗族鱼冻节

3.    in Yunnan(雲南)province - without a doubt, Yunnan is one of the China most interesting provinces with widely diverse cultures and natural beauties not to be found elsewhere...; This time we will explore the unique & seldom visited, culturally & nature wise attractive LanCang area in the very southwestern Yunnan. With a major local festival (on Day 11) : Lagu-hulu-jie (a Lagu minority nationality people’s traditional festival) in Yunnan province: 澜沧县拉祜族葫芦节 ; During the festival, we could participate into the actual "tea picking, making & tasting" activities. On route to LanCang we’ll also visit the famous "Tea Capital of the World" - Pu'er, where original teas came from here...

Different local climates, variety of landscapes, colourful minority nationalities, healthily tasty local cuisines... terrific photography opportunities...; sights, sounds, tastes & fresh feels will be throughout our itinerary...

Itinerary in brief Nov 22nd - Dec 05th, 2017:

Day-01  Nov22   Arrive Shanghai (上海)
Day-02  Nov23   Shanghai by CRH ➙ Shangrao (上饶)
Day-03  Nov24   Mt. Sanqinshan(三清山)➙ Wuyuan(婺源)
Day-04  Nov25   Wuyuan(婺源)➙ Jingdezhen(景德镇)
Day-05  Nov26   Jingdezhen(景德镇)➙ Poyang(鄱阳湖)➙ Nanchang(南昌)
Day-06  Nov27   Nanchang(南昌)by CRH ➙ Sansui(三穗)
Day-07  Nov28   Jingping(锦屏)➙ Liping(黎平)
Day-08  Nov29   Liping(黎平)鱼冻节 festival ➙ Guiyang(贵阳)
Day-09  Nov30   Guiyang(贵阳)by CRH ➙ Kunming(昆明)➙ Pu’er(普洱)
Day-10  Dec01   Pu’er(普洱)➙ Langcang(澜沧)
Day-11  Dec02   Lancang(澜沧)拉古族葫芦节 festival
Day-12  Dec03   Lancang(澜沧)➙ Mojiang(墨江)
Day-13  Dec04   Mojiang(墨江)➙ Kunming(昆明)
Day-14  Dec05   Kunming(昆明)by air (3 hrs) ➙ Shanghai for international departure
(CRH - high speed train. All local travels by our own private coaches) CRH train travel time: Shanghai ➙ Shangrao 2:40 hrs / Nanchang ➙ Sansui 4:25 hrs / Guiyang ➙ Kunming 2:30 hrs

You are warmly invited to this worthy
<"Train through the WonderLands" - A Cultural/Photographic Expedition...>
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From below the set of photos of this new High-speed-train-route Inauguration news-release, you may see what this high-speed train (up to 350km/hr) look or feel like, and some of the sceneries along this 2,300km route from Shanghai to Kunming... :

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