View of ChengYang Bridge

View of
ChengYang Bridge

Under a Banyan Tree

Under a Banyan

SanYueSan Festival

SanYueSan Festival

GuangXi province is world-famous for its scenery along the Lijiang River and the unique township of YangShou; though northern GuangXi has just as much to offer to those who prefer the much less touristy spots for some real cultural experiences. In the SanJiang region of GuangXi, the beautiful yet practical ChengYang covered bridge, built by the local minority nationality Dong people, is well-known for its unique construction and history, is a top representation of this style bridges in the region. During the SanYueSan Festival in spring, the local tribes put on fascinating celebrations based on traditional culture.

Photographer:  Yau-Sun Tong
Camera: Leica M7+35f1.4 / R8+50f1.4 / M7+21f2.8

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