Series 4

"Dreams of Butterflies"

Dreams of Butterflies in Chinese characters

Mr. Yau-Sun Tong

(the photographer wishes to apologize for the terrible loss of image details and colors in these photographs
during the low resolution scanning into the website from the high quality original slides)

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Blue Morpher Blue Morpher Butterfly Brown Bamboo Butterfly Brown Bamboo
Brown Clipper Brown Clipper Butterfly Cruiser Butterfly Cruiser
Double Tree Nymph Double Tree Nymph Butterflies Emerald Swallowtail Butterfly Emerald Swallow Tail
Grecian Shoemaker Grecian Shoemaker Butterfly Grey Pansy Butterfly Grey Pansy
Lacewing Lacewing Butterfly Malachite Butterfly on Grass Malachite
Moon Moth Moon Moth Orange Swallowtail Butterfly Orange Swallow Tail
Orange-Barred Sulphur Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly Pink Rose Butterfly Pink Rose
Postman Postman Butterfly Red Cracker Butterfly Red Cracker
Shoemaker Shoemaker Butterfly Sulphur and Lacewing Butterflies Sulphur and Lacewing
Tailed Jay Tailed Jay Butterfly Owl Butterfly Owl Butterfly
Archduke Butterfly Archduke Butterfly Window Pane Moth Window Pane Moth
Indian Dead Leaf Butterfly Indian Dead Leaf Butterfly Window Pane Moth Pink Cattle Heart Butterfly

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Butterflies—the colourful dancers of Nature...under a Leica macro lens they reveal details that otherwise are not often seen...let's protect Nature better, let's have more butterflies dancing in Nature, around us...

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