Images of the Mystical Land
Tibet, China

Within the 9.6 million square kilometre land of China, there are 23 provinces and 5 autonomous regions. More than 50 nationalities live together harmoniously, each keeping its own culture with unique traditional characteristics.

Tibet, one of the autonomous regions of China, is perhaps the most intriguing, mystical place in today's world. Located in southwest China, Tibet is bordered by India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and Burma. Tibet covers 1.2 million square kilometres and is populated by Tibetan, Menba, Luoba, Hui, Han and other nationalities. Among the population of 2.44 million in Tibet, 95 percent are Tibetans. Lhasa is the capital city.

A native of south China, Yau-Sun Tong who is now a Haligonian, often travels to China and its remote areas. With a passion for photography in his spare time, he is interested in capturing the moments of truth in nature and culture. Reflecting his vision as a Tai Chi master, these images presented here were taken by Yau-Sun Tong while traveling in the plateau of Tibet during a visit to China in 1998.

This exhibition is made possible by the sponsorship of Frame Plus Art and Atlantic Photo Supply Ltd. . With the making of these prints by Atlantic Photo Supply Ltd. and framing by Frame Plus Art, the generous support from these two local companies provides an opportunity locally to catch a glimpse of the mystical land.

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This exhibition will be displayed in prominent locations of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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